About the Festival

The «Circle of Light» Moscow international festival is an annual event at which lighting designers and specialists in audiovisual art from various countries reinvent the architectural scene of Moscow by using video mapping. The buildings that symbolize Russia – among them are: the Bolshoi Theatre, the Moscow State University, VDNKh, and others – transform into canvases for large colorful video projections. The admission to all festival venues is free.

The Art Vision video mapping contest runs under the aegis of the «Circle of Light» festival. It is divided into three nominations:

2 Modern
3 VJing

There is an educational program that takes place during the festival. It includes lectures and workshops with the world class lighting designers. Educational activities are open for visitors, but the pre-registration is needed.

The «Circle of Light» festival has won:

  • «The Guinness world record»

    for the largest projected image (2015);
  • «The Innovations Time»

    award for the Eventful Project of the Year nomination (2015);
  • «The Event of the Year»

    award for the City Festival of the Year (2015);
  • «The Moscow Times Awards»

    for the Cultural Event of the Year (2014);
  • «Best of Russia/Best.ru»

    award for the Best Cultural Event of the Year (2014);
  • «Guiding Light Award»

    for the Best Event (2014);
  • «Brand No. 1 in Russia»

    in the Festival category (2013, 2014);
  • «Brand of the Year/EFFIE»

    in the Entertainment Industry category (2011, 2012).

The organizer of the «Circle of Light» festival is the Department of Sport and Tourism of Moscow.

The coordinator of the festival is LBL Communication Group.

General enquiries: info@lightfest.ru