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About the Festival

Detailed schedule of events

The Circle of Light Moscow International Festival is an annual event at which light designers and 2D and 3D graphic designers utilize the urban space of Moscow as canvas for multimedia and light installations. The organizer of the Festival is the Department of Mass Media and Advertising of the City of Moscow. For the Circle of Light Festival Russian and international designers and artists produce light and multimedia shows, creating projection mapping on the facades of the most notable buildings, cultural monuments and other facilities in Moscow as well as integrate their creative ideas into the architecture of the city. Entrance to any Festival venue is free.

 As part of the Festival, ART VISION Videomapping Competition between professionals and aspiring artists from all over the world is run each year. Contestants can enter the following nominations of the competition: Classic Architectural Mapping, Modern Video Mapping and VJ contest.

Traditionally an educational program is held during the Festival of Light, as part of which workshops led by the biggest Russian and international light professionals are introduced.

The Circle of Light Festival won Brand No. 1 in Russia Award in the Festival category in 2013 and 2014, Brand of the Year/EFFIE in the Entertainment Industry category in 2011 and 2012, Guiding Light Award in the Best Event category found by the Tourism and Hospitality Committee of the City of Moscow, Best in Russia/Best.ru Award in the Best Cultural Event of the Year category; the Moscow Times Award in the the Cultual Event of the Year category.



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