Workshop: TouchDesigner: Elementary Mathematics. Ilya Derzaev

23.09.2017 11:00-18:00

Many are convinced that math isn’t something they are ever going to need after leaving high school. And they might well be right: arithmetic is quite enough. Even if you are into computer graphics, software does all the calculations for you and there is no point in trying to get to the bottom of how it all works. And if you do try to figure it out, you soon realize that it’s simply impossible. In the end, you are reaffirmed in your initial thinking: it’s all way too complicated. But it’s not.

You can create harmonious complex visualizations using just the very basic high school level math. This workshop will demonstrate how you can apply what you already know but don’t use to something you are interested in.

The workshop will demonstrate how basic math functions can be applied to algorithmic animation and CGI.

Ilya Derzaev

Media artist, programmer, motion designer. Ilya teaches the ‘Touchdesigner for artists, designers and programmers’ course at Electromuseum. Author of multiple multimedia performances in Electromuseum, Art Center MARS.

Requirements for participants:

-       Participants need to be acquainted with the interface and basic principles of Touchdesigner

-       Personal computer (Windows/Mac) with Touchdesigner 088 or 099 installed

-       Level – intermediate

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