Polytechnic Museum

September 20 – 24 19:30-23:00– Projection Mapping Shows

Two incredible light show about the past and future of the oldest building will be demonstrated on the façade of Polytechnic Museum in the heart of Moscow city.
As if by magic for a couple minutes the audience will find out the most significant advocacy events: from an incredible success of Polytechnic Exhibition in 1872 to nowadays; from the active work of scientific laboratories to creative meetings with Mayakovsky, Rachmaninov and other maestros of Russian art and culture.
The second one will be about the future. What the verge of a scientific breakthrough is the mankind on? What secrets does the Universe keep? What mysteries can we find out visiting Polytechnic Museum? The festival will get all that from the breathtaking content played up geometry and architecture of the building.
And despite the fact that the doors of the building will be open in 2020, the space around Polytechnic Museum and the passage under it will be open during the Circle of Light festival.