Festival Sites

It was the first time when the Museum of the Great Patriotic War at Poklonnaya Gora became a site of the Circle of Light festival. Light novels dedicated to the Russian military history were shown on the façade while the VJ’s performance was accompanied by songs of wartime.

One of the shows was The Victory Designers dedicated to the designers who glorified Russia. Their inventions became the important technical achievements of the world community as well as their work on defense equipment brought closer to the victory of Russian people in the Great Patriotic War. The light performance consisted of three parts dedicated to the Russian Navy, Air forces and armored motor vehicles.

The second light show was The Heart of Russia telling us about the long history of the land consolidation and expansion of the territory around the capital city. The audience went around our Motherland and enjoying the nature of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East and admiring the wide rivers and landscapes of Crimea.