Grebnoy Channel

September 20 at 20:30 – Seven Notes multimedia light show.

September 24 at 20:30 – The Unity Code Closing show.

The Circle of Light Festival will be opened by the Seven Notes light show on September 20. The main characters are real people as we are. Every day in various situations of life they experience the full range of emotions from love to rage as well as from friendship to rivalry. Music will help them to find best solutions and a way out of the difficult situations.

On site surprises will await the audience at every turn because It will transform its shapes and geometry! Due to technical solution the fascinating show will be demonstrated on the huge water stage and the audience will be able to see it from other angle. The special structure will be installed above the channel, it will service as a bridge between two shores and at the same time as a projection surface and platform for light and fire effects. Besides on the water stage there will be more than one hundred flame jets, over two hundred fountains and water screens. Surely grand firework display will be a final of the amazing music light show.

September 21, 22 at 19:45 – Festival goers will be able to enjoy rerun of the Seven Notes light show.

On September 24 the Closing show consisting of two parts will be also held on Grebnoy Channel. The first one will answer on question: what makes millions of people to be a united nation? The audience will go through their mysterious genetic code formed by a common history, defeats and victories, culture and traditions.

The evening will culminate with an aerial firework display followed by music.

Shells of 400mm caliber will be used in the show while other ones will burst with awesome stars effect in sky!