Moscow State University (MSU), Main building
«Circle of light»Event scheduleMoscow State University (MSU), Main building

Moscow State University (MSU), Main building

Lenin hills, build. 1, University Square (spectator area)
23, 24, 25 Sept.
Пятница, Суббота, Воскресенье

23 Sept. – The opening ceremony

24, 25 Sept. – The show

You are welcome to the multimedia show on the facade of the MSU! This venue will be amazing thanks to the combination of its colossal size and cutting edge technical solutions. More than 200 HD projectors will create the record breaking 40 000 square meters video mapping image. But don’t forget about the show! The organizers have created two lighting performances which will amaze children and their parents. These performances will last about 50 minutes.

                The first show, titled the Boundless MSU, is a journey to the magnificent world of knowledge that exists within the university walls. Mikhail Lomonosov, the legendary founder of the MSU, will show how this world emerged and developed, tell about scientific breakthroughs and reveal secrets, which are hidden in one of the prominent Seven Sisters.

                The second show, the Keeper, is dedicated to the 100-th anniversary of Russian system of conservation areas. Its main characters, a young brave wolf and his wise friend, an albatross, will do their best to prevent the world from the fire element. The heroes travel through age-old forests, Kalmyk Steppes and Lake Baikal. Will the friends manage to overcome all obstacles and will the nature help them? Will they win the unequal struggle with the most dangerous force? You can find it out if you visit the MSU and watch the fascinating multimedia show on its facade. The show is voiced by professional Russian actors, musicians and television presenters: Ivan Okhlobystin, Alexei Kortnev, Nikolay Drozdov, Lolita Milyavskaya and other celebrities.

                But the organizers have prepared something else. Spectacular firework shows will finish up each festival day. More than 19 000 dazzling fireworks will color the night sky above the Vorobyovy Hills within three days.

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