Izvestiya Hall concert venue
«Circle of light»Event scheduleIzvestiya Hall concert venue

Izvestiya Hall concert venue

Pushkin square, h. 5
24 Sept.

Izvestiya Hall is one of the main concert venues in Moscow. This year is appears as the venue of the Circle of light for the first time. finalists of the Art Vision contest’s VJing nomination will compete here. The VJ battle will be full of improvisation because the main goal for contestants is to create the best visuals for an unknown song in real time using visual elements (photos, videos) prepared in advance. Since the battle is interactive and its result is unpredictable, it attracts VJs from all across the world and evokes interest of those who are concern about modern audiovisual technologies, Moscow night life, and culture in general.

                After the final will have finished, the member of judge panel, the world known VJing master Johnny Wilson (Spain) will perform. He is the founder of the world known Eclectic Method project. Johnny has toured around the world, collaborated with major musicians Fatboy Slim and U2 and New Line Cinema company. Eclectic Method project has performed at international cinema festivals, different awards and in nightclubs in many countries. Eclectic Method is among world’s top-20 VJs according to «DJ Magazine» for ages.

                Everyone can visit and watch this event – the only condition is to register in advance. Stay tuned with the festival news in order to register in time.

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