Krylatskoye Grebnoy Channel
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Krylatskoye Grebnoy Channel

24,25,27 Sept.
24.09/25.09 с 20:00-21:00, 27.09 - 20:30-21:30

24, 25 Sept. – The show

27 Sept. – The closing ceremony


One of the most significant festival events, which will exceed all expectations, takes place at Krylatskoye Grebnoy Channel. This year there will be not only waterfalls, fire shows, lasers and lighting, but also the huge video projection. This mix is unique even for the biggest international festivals of light. The 50 meters high city will be built at the Grebnoy Channel spit special for this show, which is dedicated to Russian cities and their inhabitants.

                Guests of the festival will listen to the music hits and see the sunrise in a small resort town, than move to a loud million city and finally spend an evening in the always waking megapolis. The power of water, fire, light and pyrotechnics will memorably highlight the atmosphere of each location.

                Another significant surprise is the laser show that will appear as a giant bridge between the Grebnoi Canal banks on the surface of fountains.

                The show takes place on 24, 25 and 27 September, so you are free to choose the most suitable day for visit. Every festival evening at the Grebnoy Channel will be unforgettable because the 50 minutes multimedia performance includes the high-class pyrotechnics show surrounded with the magic of water, fire and light and accompanied with popular music.


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