(VJs Competition) is an International contest of VJs playing 10 minute VJ sets using the prepared video content and accompanied by a live DJ set. This year the Venue of ART VISION VJing will be MIR Hall. Russian and International students, creative teams, design studios, etc may enter the Competition.


1st Prize. #VjKet - Ukraine

2nd Prize. Outree - Russia

3rd Prize. Error 43 - Portugal

Winner of a special nomination


Other works

Cristina Amazonas


Lucas Forlenza


Swim the Shine


Vj Bakenokawa

VJ Eletroiman

Selection and Assessment Criteria:

  • Imagination & Originality;
  • Execution & Technique;
  • Integration into the music;
  • Audience Reaction.


I stage
  • By August 15 you need to sendthe filled in Application Form & portfolio to
  • Please specify the Nomination in the subject.
  • E.g.: ARTVISION VJ| Name of your studio, Application Form
II stage
  • By August 25 you need to send teaser of your work.
  • The Contestants passed the first stage will be informed by email additionally.
  • Before you send work to the Competition please read the Regulations.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to send us an email to

General queries:

Tatyana Popova: + 7-903-110-32-65

Musical accompaniment of the competition

Artem Splash. Young and talented DJ, Remix maker.

His music is supported by top DJs and musicians around the country and his tracks are on the TOP lists.

He's just as good at making house. The level of quality in his tracks is what really stands out; it's almost unheard of for someone to come out of the box and really be churning out top notch work.

Artem Splash - Like Devils (Original Mix)

Artem Splash - My liberty - mix

He is well trained and has the right approach to the younger crowds, this reflects in his DJ residency for most Moscow clubs and dance venues. Artem looks to the future with a great hope and prepares a lot of interesting things