ART VISION VJ (VJ’s Battle Contest) is a contest/battle between VJs at which contestants will demonstrate 15 minute VJ-sets representing video content with background music mix. Video content means 2D-3D light color projections on physical urban objects considering their geometry and positioning. Music mix as well as video content should be prepared by each contestant in advance. During demonstration of works with background music mixes at the competition a Festival DJ will be engaged. The venue of ART VISION VJ Competition will be the facade of Pavilion 32 and Rocket Monument at VDNH Exhibition Center . Russian and international creative teams, design studios, students, professional organizations etc. may take part in the Competition.

Selection and Assessment Criteria:

  • Singularity;
  • Creativity;
  • Technique;
  • Visual appeal;
  • Unique content;
  • Effects;
  • Creative integration with the background music;

The contest is entered in 2 stages:

1st Stage

UNTIL JULY 15th, 2014 It is necessary to submit the entry application + portfolio to the following e-mail

UNTIL JULY 31st, 2014 It is necessary to submit the presentation of the competition work to the following e-mail

List of works admitted to the Competition will be posted on the website by August 10th2014. All of the contestants will be informed about this fact in advance.

Before submitting your work to the Competition, PLEASE MAKE SUREto read the Regulations of the Competition.

2nd Stage

The contestants who have passed the first round will be obliged to submit the following:

September 10th, 2014 Teaser of your work

September 25th, 2014 Your work

Instructions on uploading materials for contestants who have been admitted to the second round will be provided separately.

If you have any queries please read the FAQ. If you cannot find answer to your question please send an e-mail

General Queries: +7-903-110-32-65 (Tatyana Popova)



Regulations of the ART VISION Contest


Technical Brief

Animation pack

Template for the presentation of a competitive ART VISION VJ

ART VISION VJ Contest entry application form

Competition Jury

Visa information